Creating impact by knowledge sharing


Our new website is LIVE! It shows what Congress by design (Cbd) is all about: making an impact through knowledge sharing. We do this by bringing people and science together in a way that suits the needs and goals of our clients. Whether live, online or hybrid, we make sure that a congress is conceived and arranged in such a way as to create a rich environment for new insights and scientific progress.

Strategic meeting design
“Our new website shows what we have been working on over the past few months”, says managing director Niels Fundter. “A new vision, mission and brand for our branches in Harmelen and Groningen. As congress consultants, we see opportunities to add even more meaning to our ‘by design’ approach. To help our clients unlock new scientific insights through solid project coordination, financial management, communications and logistics, with an even greater focus on content, meeting design and experience

Congress advisors
Partnership is paramount at Cbd. Fundter: “From idea to strategy and from organisation to follow-up, we assist our clients as congress consultants. Post-Covid, for example, we see that the PCO industry has learned a lot, but also has to find its feet again. We assist our clients in the development of a well thought-out plan, that leads to a consistent programme, experience and outcome. Our project managers always go the extra mile and act as sparring partner and organiser in one.”

Sustainable choices
Sustainability is also an integral part of the new approach. “We are happy to discuss climate neutral alternatives with our clients that are beneficial for people and society”, says Fundter. “Using our sustainability checklist, we discuss conscious congress choices in terms of energy, catering and set-up. Here, too, we see opportunities for strategic meeting design, because a well thought-out plan is reflected in everything.”