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Shaping a Sustainable Future with Congress by Design


At Congress by design, it's not just about organising conferences, it’s the strength of sharing knowledge to shape a better future. Making conscious choices today for a sustainable tomorrow. Discover how our own CO2 calculator and sustainability checklist set us apart in the international conference industry.

Congress by design, as a Leading Congress Designer, is making significant progess in sustainability. With a clear long-term vision, we are focused on making our conferences climate-neutral by 2030. A key part of this vision is the development of our own CO2 calculator and an extensive sustainability checklist.

Green Calculations with the CO2 Calculator
The CO2 calculator, developed in collaboration with, provides an overview of the CO2 emissions of conferences. This tool helps clients become aware of more sustainable choices for their conferences. This approach is not only a game-changer for the sector but also creates greater awareness of the environmental impact of conference activities. Curious about their CO2 calculator? Try it out via this link.

Scoring for Sustainability
The sustainability checklist of Congress by design is another essential tool that serves as a guiding element for each conference. This checklist encourages discussions on sustainability, assessing all the sustainable aspects of a conference - from location choice and catering to legacy. It helps Congress by design to identify the sustainable possibilities of each conference and make sustainable choices that go beyond industry norms. All these choices are presented in a report.
Congress by design emphasizes there are no absolute 'right' or 'wrong' choices in the discussion about sustainability. Every step towards sustainability, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. This approach opens doors to meaningful conversations.

Future by Design
Through these initiatives, Congress by design distinguishes itself as a pioneer in the international conference industry. In the future, Congress by design intends to use the sustainability checklist and the CO2 calculator at every conference to advice clients and help them make well-considered choices. Their commitment to sustainability is more than words; it is an integral part of their business operations; Future by design.

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