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Future by design

We value making conscious choices today with a view to tomorrow. That’s why we have a long-term vision that also takes into account the ecological and social impact of our operations and the solutions we devise. Sustainable growth is our standard, not only in words, but above all in deeds. For example, by 2030 we aim to organise all our congresses 100% climate-neutral.

Our long-term vision

Thinking and acting sustainably

Sustainability and inclusion are no longer a choice as far as we are concerned, but rather a requirement for growth and progress. Not only thinking sustainably, but also acting like it. We see great opportunities for making sustainability an integral part of our operations. That is why we want to impact the future of the congress industry and, by extension, our world. We have two goals in mind: to operate 100% climate-neutral by 2025 and to organise all our congresses 100% climate-neutral from 2030 onwards.

With you and our partners

Sustainable growth starts with a clear vision and transparent objectives in order to take targeted action. It is about sharing knowledge, taking responsibility and, above all, partnership. That is why we work together with our clients, suppliers, sustainability specialists and our team members to ensure each congress is socially responsible, inclusive and environmentally friendly. We do this by supporting charities, a keen eye for personal development and measures for CO2 reduction.

Sustainability checklist

We would be happy to help you minimise the ecological impact of your congress. To this end, we have developed a sustainability checklist, which we use as a standard to assess each conference. This helps us to explore a variety of sustainable options with you. Together, we make conscious decisions about the location, partners and suppliers, the catering range, inclusiveness and waste disposal. Curious how we can make a difference together?

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Congress by design Sustainability
Sustainable conference management

Reducing your CO2 footprint

A fully climate-neutral congress is our aim, but practically often not 100% possible. Therefore we calculate the residual CO2 footprint of each congress, which we offset through reforestation projects in Panama and Indonesia.

Calculate your CO2 footprint
Sustainability in congress and event management

CO2OL Tropical Mix

The project provides for sustainable timber production and cocoa cultivation; it protects biodiversity and restores a healthy forest ecosystem. Sustainable forest management and cocoa production offer employment opportunities, therefore improve the economic and social situation of rural communities and families.

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